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Oldest Man In The World Died

Henry Allingham, the oldest man in the world and one of the last survivors of World War I, died at the age of 113 years. Allingham, who once praised the joke with a long life because "cigarettes, whiskey and wild women", died in sleep at the nursing home St. Dunstan near Brighton, on the south coast of England.

"He died very peacefully and in a very comfortable sleep", a spokesman said as quoted Reuters. "There is no special case, it was just 113 years."

Allingham, who became the oldest man in the world in June, following a death Tomuji Tanabe of Japan, has five grandchildren, 12 great-grandchild, ciacat children 14 grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

He was born in 1896, the same year Henry Ford created the Ford Quadricycle, pioneering the modern day car. Of Queen Victoria is still on the throne when he was a son small. Life span three centuries and five English king. He lived for 113 years and 42 days.

In the world War I, he served with the office for air force sea kingdom, war activists in Jutland, the largest sea battle of that war. He was then sent to the Royal Air Force troops when it was formed at the end of the war in 1918. He is a member of the last living of the troops.

"Knowledge about the war, virginity, character, all that extraordinary", said the spokesperson. PM Gordon Brown, who met with the warnings on the day Allingham veteran, he he conveyed grief to his family.

"I get the honor to meet Henry often. He is a great character, a representative of the last generation of great character", said Brown. A spokesperson for Buckingham Palace said Queen Elizabeth heard the sad his death. "He is one of the very generation who sacrifice a lot for all of us," said the spokesperson.

Allingham's wife, Dorothy, who married in 1918, died in 1970, after more than 50 years of marriage. Allingham life more than in children and most of her female descendants in the U.S.

Towards the last part of his life, Allingham play the role of narrative in history and provide information that younger generations about World War I. Those who heard him speak to praise the strength of his memory and his voice. Funeral will take place end of this month in Brighton.

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Bagus sekali infonya, sayang sekali orang tertua yang hidup di dunia ini sudah meninggal, hmmm...kira2 apa ya resepnya biar bisa hidup lama kaya gitu???

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